New sensor for measuring bearing temperatures in wind turbines

Friday, January 24, 2020

The new Danfoss MBT 3310 bearing sensor is specially designed for measuring the temperature in the bearings on wind turbines. Aimed at applications where reliability, longevity, and accuracy are crucial, the bearing sensor helps collect data to improve turbine performance and optimize predictive maintenance.  

"The wind industry is focusing increasingly on climate, wind, and turbine performance data to optimize the energy output from individual turbines. Bearing temperature is one of the most critical data points as they give insights into the performance and the condition of the wind turbine. Bearing sensors allow for specific predictive maintenance reducing costs and enabling longer up time for the turbine—increasing the energy output," says Per Sønderriis, Global Market Segment Manager at Danfoss.



Designed to meet the winds of change

The new MBT 3310 temperature sensor represents an extensive product upgrade. It is machined from a single Hex 27 bar and is produced via a metal-press-assembly method to allow for a simplified and stronger design. This ensures top build-quality while meeting competitive market requirements.

"The MBT 3310 is built to meet wind turbine manufacturers’ test requirements, ensuring the required quality and robustness needed for wind turbine applications. It features an adjustable spring-loaded protection tube, which always ensures metallic contact between the bearing and the sensor. This enables correct data readings and improves general performance overall," explains Richard Lang Jørgensen, Product Manager at Danfoss.

In addition to the MBT 3310 temperature sensor, the MBT series features a wide range of sensors for use in the wind-power industry.

Features and benefits of the MBT 3310 temperature sensor include:

  • Sensor tube and pocket material from AISI 316 Ti.
  • Temperature range from -50 to 200°C
  • Short response time
  • Pt 100 or Pt 1,000 resistance element
  • Sensor tube Ø 8 x 1 mm
  • Electric connection M12 x 1 (2- or 4-wire connection)
  • Sensor tube displacement max 15 mm

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