Danfoss unveils DST P40M pressure transmitter for marine applications, a corrosion-resistant titanium powerhouse

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Meet the new wave in marine sensing solutions with the DST P40M. Get best-in-market performance against aggressive water corrosion through titanium housing and a ceramic pressure element, ensuring robust and reliable performance in chemical processing and marine applications.

The P40M pressure transmitter is specifically engineered for robust pressure monitoring of marine applications such as ballast-water treatment, exhaust-gas scrubbers, desalination systems, and seawater cooling systems—environments where high corrosion resistance and longevity are essential for reliable operation of the auxiliary and propulsion systems of a vessel.

State-of-the-art, weldless, titanium housing provides exceptional material properties such as high corrosion resistance, low density, and high tensile strength. Another shield of protection comes from the ceramic pressure element, which is impervious to chlorides and aggressive chemicals. The combination of materials used in the DST P40M pressure transmitter offers best-in-market protection from a broad range of acids, alkalis, and aggressive pollutants—ensuring optimal performance and the ongoing safe operation of the vessel.

"The marine industry plays a vital role in the global economy—with a growing population, the demands on ships for fast, efficient, and safe performance is higher than ever. The DST P40M pressure transmitter is designed to meet this challenge based on decades of application experience in intense, corrosive conditions. With the upgraded titanium housing and ceramic pressure element, the DST P40M delivers market-leading durability with exceptional performance in unrelenting maritime environments," said Danfoss Product Manager Richard Lang Jorgensen.

On top of robust, reliable performance, the DST P40M has several required international marine approvals, easing the design process to save time and administrative cost.

Danfoss has channeled 40 years of marine application expertise into developing cutting-edge components that prepare you for the future. With the widest marine-industry control program, we have cultivated the solutions and expertise to support your journey—anywhere in the world.

Overall features and benefits of the DST P40M include:

  • Best-in-Market Quality: Titanium housing and ceramic AL203 96% pressure element ensure best-in-market corrosion resistance in a variety of tough seawater environments.
  • Innovation: Robust, weldless, titanium construction ensures optimum structural integrity.
  • Marine Approvals: China Classification Society (CCS)(Pending); DNV-GL EU RO Mutual Recognition Type Approval Certificate; Korean Register (KR); Nippon Kaiji Kyokai General Incorporated Foundation (NK, ClassNK)
  • Compliance: Meets enclosure requirements up to IP67 and operates according to TS 16949.
  • Reliability: Get improved accuracy with high linearity and low hysteresis value. Foolproof electrical assembly thanks to reverse-polarity protection.
  • Partnership + Application Expertise: 40+ years of market experience means Danfoss is a reliable partner, providing application-driven solutions and expert support around the clock.

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    DST P40M titanium corrosion-resistant pressure transmitter for marine applications

    The DST P40M is a market-leading pressure transmitter with all the required marine approvals, designed to withstand harsh, corrosive marine environments such as ballast water treatment, desalination systems, seawater cooling, exhaust gas treatment, and wastewater processing.