Danfoss expands its bearing temperature sensor portfolio with the introduction of MBT 2310 for mobile hydraulic applications

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Engineered specifically for bearing temperature measurements, Danfoss’ robust bearing temperature sensors ensure reliable operation, long-lasting performance, and the ultimate accuracy—even in the most demanding environments. And with the newest family member, Danfoss now boasts one broadest programs of insight-driven temperature sensors and transmitters.

When some of the toughest, most unpredictable environments serve as your workplace, having equipment that is engineered to resist harsh conditions is critical. Combined with the fact that today’s industrial processes are more demanding than ever before, this pushes the limits of application performance. And when reliability and robustness are required—accurate temperature measurement can make or break outcomes.

Temperature is a critical indication of the status of a bearing, which directly affects machine performance. All our bearing temperature sensors are fitted with an adjustable spring-loaded protection tube that always ensures metallic contact between the bearing and the sensor. This makes them ideal for monitoring bearing temperatures in applications where there’s a risk of overheating, such as engine, gearbox, and power transmission bearing.

On top of lengthy downtime and costly damages to the machine, overheating can lead to high-risk situations such as burning fields caused by, for example, harvesting machines or engine failure on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Our specialized series of high-quality sensors for monitoring bearing temperatures
 help collect data to improve machine performance, enable predictive maintenance, and boost uptime. And with the addition of the new MBT 2310 for mobile hydraulics, our program offers accuracy, reliability, and longevity to the highest degree for the toughest applications.

“For decades, Danfoss has offered industry-leading temperature sensors. And now, with the introduction of the MBT 2310 for mobile hydraulics, we’re putting our specific expertise of machine bearings into play adding value for our customers with the widest program of temperature sensors that improve the durability and longevity of their mechanical equipment—even against the most challenging backdrops,” said Danfoss Sensing Solutions Product Manager, Richard Jørgensen.

Overall features and benefits of the MBT xx10 series include:

Quality: All designs are based on Pt 100/Pt 1000/NTC technology with sensor tube and pocket material made of AISI 316 Ti

Compliance: Sensors meet enclosure requirements up to IP67 and operate according to TS 16949—ensuring fewer quality issues for lower warranty costs, longer lifetime, and continuous improvement processes

Reliability: Spring-loaded, self-adjusting protection tube always ensures metallic contact between bearing and sensor plus, a temperature range from -50°C–200°C

High performance: The sensor element is placed at the very tip of the sensor tube for quick reaction to temperature chan —and fast response time

Robustness: The zero-welding housing is a single bar of stainless steel, ensuring low service costs based on lifetime expectations (fewer maintenance intervals) and longer lifetime (MBT 3310 & 2310 only)

Innovation: The sensor is small and can be top mounted for fast and easy installation (MBT 3310 only)

Marine approvals: MBT 5310 comes with all relevant marine approvals ensuring less documentation to reduce administration costs and ease the design process

Application expertise and partnership: We build on decades of experience and deep industry insight offering the widest portfolio of bearing temperature sensors dedicated to the mobile hydraulic, marine, and wind industry

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