Big mobile hydraulic solutions have never been so small

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

When it comes to keeping the world's largest and most powerful machines running, you’d be surprised how big a difference even the smallest component can make.

The modern world relies on heavy equipment to lay the foundations and infrastructure required to support the trappings of civilization, particularly in the areas of construction, materials handling, forestry, and agriculture. These mechanical beasts of burden collect and harvest building materials, clear and level the ground to provide a stable foundation upon which to build, and perform the heavy lifting necessary to erect even the most complex structures.

They also till the ground where our food is grown, bring in the harvest, and ensure that it’s sent on its journey to hungry people around the world.

Without heavy machines, our world would grind to a halt.

However, modern machinery relies on complex and sophisticated systems to stay in operation and perform to capacity, and sometimes even the smallest component can make a critical difference. Danfoss has a broad range of solutions that can help your heavy machines and their operators when it comes to performance, comfort, uptime, and, most importantly, safety. These components may not be large in stature, but the difference they can make in the day-to-day operation of your heavy equipment is substantial.

The use of smarter hydraulic controls can help your mobile equipment run cleaner and longer. For example, solutions such as Electronic Load Sensing use the MBS 1250 pressure transmitter to fine-tune your engine output according to the actual demand required at the time. This put less stress on the motor, reducing normal wear and tear and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. The engine will also be less prone to a breakdown, meaning you won’t lose a machine in the middle of a time-sensitive project. Finally, engine optimization also leads to savings on both fuel and emissions, making your machines much more environmentally-friendly.

Ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your machines can be a challenge, especially when you have an entire fleet to look after. For instance, how do you know when oil filters are becoming clogged and need to be changed? With solutions like our MBS 1250 pressure transmitter, your operators have access to real-time information on oil filter status, so they can see when performance is starting to be affected. They can then schedule timely servicing, which will prevent machinery downtime and help you avoid sudden, expensive maintenance costs.

When it comes to working with heavy machinery, ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity is the top priority. The slightest operator error or equipment malfunction can have dire consequences, so it's crucial to have all the right safety equipment and procedures in place.

Danfoss provides state-of-the-art components that are compliant with all safety recommendations and approved with a panel of 3rd party certifications. These solutions enable your machines to run self-diagnostics that identify systematic and random errors, as well as activate pre-defined safety conditions whenever errors are detected.

Danfoss also has solutions that provide better operator comfort, so they can keep their full attention on the task at hand and ensure they are in complete control of the machine. One of the ways you can achieve this is by making Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) run smoother with MBT 3270 temperature sensors and MBS 1250 pressure transmitters, reducing your operator's exposure to distracting vibrations.

Built-in intelligence opens new opportunities for safe, clean, and efficient operation of mobile hydraulic equipment. Pressure and temperature sensors in hydraulic and transmission systems enable surveillance and control of all vital processes to ensure maximum performance, reduce down-time, cut down on fuel, and provide the necessary safety in the daily work environment.