VLT drives move 10.5 km long limestone belt conveyor using minimal energy

Friday, August 19, 2011

At Shanxi Zhongxi Cement, Xiaan Province, China load sharing between VLT® variable frequency drives is used to transfer energy from downhill segments to uphill parts of the conveyor belt. Using minimal energy to move the belt.

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    Multi Pulse Drive Panels

    Compact, cost-effective and completely integrated system for applications requiring enhanced harmonic control. Packages seamlessly combine the reliability and advanced performance for the VLT® Series Drives with best in class 12 & 18 pulse harmonic reduction technology. The result is a complete solution for the supplier you trust.

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    VLT® Low Harmonic Drive

    The VLT® LHD is the first solution to combine an active filter and a drive in one package. It continuously regulates harmonic suppression according to the load and grid conditions without affecting the connected motor. The total harmonic current distortion is reduced to less then 3% on grids with balanced mains, a minimum pre-distortion to less than 5% on grids with high harmonic distortion and 2% phase unbalance. The VLT® Low Harmonic Drive meets all present harmonic standards and recommendations.

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    VLT® Common Mode Filters MCC 105

    VLT® Common Mode Filters MCC 105 core kit reduce electromagnetic interference and eliminate bearing damage by electrical discharge.

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    12-Pulse Drive

    The VLT®12-pulse drive is a high efficiency variable frequency converter which is built with the same modular design as the popular VLT® 6-pulse drives. It is offered with similar drive options and accessories and can be configured according to customer need.

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    VLT® PHD-202 Preferred Harmonic Design

    The VLT® PHD-202 Preferred Harmonic Design (PHD) is a full-featured, AQUA dedicated drive solution when conformance to IEEE-519 is required, even at the drive terminals. The PHD-202 has a number of features developed specifically to meet the diverse needs of water and wastewater applications and is the most practical solution to address growing harmonic concerns within the industry.