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Express and Professional

Get started with a free license of the PLUS+1® GUIDE and Service Tool today! Our Express license enables you to build powerful, customized machine applications on our PLUS+1® programmable and compliant hardware platform. The PLUS+1® Service Tool comes with a free license for Normal View. Design View is included in the Express and Professional versions to build customized diagnostic applications.


A free Express license enables the basic design features for both PLUS+1® GUIDE and PLUS+1® Service Tool. All Danfoss-engineered Compliance Blocks are included with an Express license. The Express license is valid for one year and requires a valid company email address. A user may register for this free license with each new release of PLUS+1® GUIDE and Service Tool. The Express license includes a 30-day Professional trial to enable full functionality of the Professional and add-on modules. Projects containing Professional content, such as function block libraries, will not be available under an Express license.

Download GUIDE


A PLUS+1® Professional license is designed for machine developers that who want to accelerate their software development process. This license allows you to leverage over 100 Danfoss-engineered and pre-tested function blocks in your machine design. You will also be able to create secured PLUS+1® Service Tool applications, designed for distribution to service teams.

You can request a PLUS+1 Professional License from your local Danfoss Distributor. To find a Danfoss Distributor near you go to our Contacts list | Danfoss.

Professional add-on modules

Professional Add-on modules are advanced features created to improve specific pieces of your development process. These modules range from tool enhancements for functional safety to advanced function block libraries. All Professional Add-on modules are purchased on an annual subscription basis, so you only pay for the advanced functionality that you need. You can try these features and see how they can enhance your development process with the free 30-day trial.

Purchasing a license

To purchase a PLUS+1® Professional license, contact your Danfoss sales representative. Once your order is processed, you will receive a license key delivered via email that can be inserted into the PLUS+1® License Manager. An automated email sequence will activate your license keys. 

License comparison

PLUS+1® GUIDE Express Professional
Core tools and components Yes Yes
PLUS+1® Compliance blocks Yes Yes

Danfoss engineered function block libraries

  • Controls
  • Filters
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Safety
  • J1939
  • Propel application library - basic
Debug tool   Yes
Page view access controls   Yes



Tool add-on licenses  Express  Professional
PLUS+1® GUIDE tool add-on
  • Test tool
  • Dependency viewVersion control
  • SIL2 compilation
  • Traceability
  • Compare SCS
  • Static analyzer


Integration add-on licenses  Express Professional
PLUS+1® GUIDE to Simulink S function    Yes


Library add-on licenses Express  Professional
PLUS+1® work function control library   Yes
PLUS+1® propel application library - advanced   Yes



PLUS+1® Service Tool Free Express Professional
Basic functionality Yes Yes Yes
Design   Yes Yes
Update parameters on download     Yes
Multi-lingual applications     Yes
Lock service applications     Yes


Service tool add-on licenses Free Express Professional

Service tool add-on licenses

  • CAN Xplorer
  • Scripting


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet PLUS+1® GUIDE add on license (Simulink®) Data Sheet English Multiple 22 Nov, 2022 557.3 KB .pdf

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