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A new standard for modern design and sunlight viewability

The Danfoss DM430E series 4.3” displays are helping customers taking next step in modernizing mobile machines. At the same time, expanding the PLUS+1® family of mobile machine management products.

As the visual interface for the machine, the DM430E series are providing customer with a modern, yet rugged design. As well as supreme screen viewing quality and a wide range of features.

The optically-bonded and anti-glare coated screen is optimized for usage in all lighting conditions. It is providing outstanding sunlight viewability and wide viewing angles. In darker settings, the light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness and switches between day and night display themes.

With the Engine Information Center (EIC) application, the DM430E series display can be set up in a matter of minutes. This, with pre-defined screen graphics and without any programming.

Features and benefits

Rugged IP66 and IP67-ratings (front and back)

16:9 wide screen ratio (480 x 272 resolution)

Backlit buttons and up to 6 LED indicators

2 different keypads (traditional 4-button or 11-button navigation layout)

Flexible solution for adding up to 2 CAN bus channels or 6 inputs for auxiliary functions

Supports direct RAM® mount or bracket mount

PLUS+1® GUIDE programmable (vector-based screen editor)

USB device and RS232 (optional)

Modern appearance, rugged design

Modern appearance, rugged design

The DM430E series displays modernize mobile machines with a streamlined cab design while still meeting the need for extreme ruggedness.

Supreme viewability

Supreme viewability

The optically-bonded and anti-glare coated 4.3-inch (109mm) color display is optimized for usage in all lighting conditions. This is providing outstanding sunlight viewability and wide viewing angles.

Engine information center application

Engine information center application

Set up the display with no programming. This, by using the updated Engine Information Center application and access more than 4,000 engine signals.

Improve display operation with the HMR CAN Rotary

Improve display operation with the HMR CAN Rotary

OEMs have the opportunity of combining the display experience with additional interaction options. By combining the DM430E series displays with the HMR CAN Rotary.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Operating guide PLUS+1® DM430E Series Display - EIC Software User Manual English Multiple 07 Dec, 2018 4.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet PLUS+1® DM430E Series Display Data Sheet Japanese Japan 14 Feb, 2019 1.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet PLUS+1® DM430E Series Display Data Sheet English Multiple 09 Jan, 2020 445.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet PLUS+1® DM430E Series Display Data Sheet Chinese (CN) Multiple 08 Mar, 2019 569.5 KB .pdf
User guide PLUS+1® DM430E Series Display Technical Information English Multiple 30 Apr, 2020 3.2 MB .pdf

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