Extra large custom hydraulic cylinders - XL series

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Reliable, long-lasting solution

Vickers by Danfoss custom cylinders are known for their unmatched quality and long-lasting reliability. Whether you need a new extra-large hydraulic cylinder or service for an existing installation, we're ready to work with you to design a long-lasting solution,

  • Customized - Super-sized solutions
  • Engineered - Made to last
  • Unmatched - Outstanding service
  • Bore size 300 millimeters (12 inches) up to 1.5m
  • Stroke length (max.) 20 meters/750 inches
  • Certifications PED, ASME, DNV, Lloyd’s Register, and others

Engineered to endure

XL series hydraulic cylinders have been used in applications exposed to some of the world’s most brutal conditions, including offshore oil exploration and hydroelectric dams. We use best-in-class materials and features to ensure that, no matter the conditions, our cylinders can take it.

Unmatched service

Our application engineering team custom designs each cylinder, accounting for overall loading and kinematics, mounting configurations, seal system design, embedded sensor requirements, corrosion protection needs, installation and maintenance practices, and other application considerations.

Extend cylinder life with high performance coatings

The right rod coating will keep your cylinders operating longer in extreme conditions. Within our comprehensive range, you’ll find a coating that provides the perfect balance of wear and corrosion resistance for your application. We can help you select the best coating from our portfolio or recommend a custom solution.

Piston rod coating options:
• Chrome
• Nickel Chrome
• Ceramic
• High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF)
• Hydroclad™ laser cladding

Discover Hydroclad™ laser cladding

Hydroclad™ laser cladding is a field repairable, third-party certified anti-corrosion piston rod coating developed to protect cylinders in the harshest operating environments. Originally developed for offshore platforms, laser cladding is optimized for wear, scratch, impact, and corrosion resistance, extending the life of hydraulic cylinders and reducing the costs of equipment downtime.

Danfoss’ Hydroclad™ laser cladding was previously known as Eatonite®. While the product remains the same, its name has been changed to Hydroclad in 2023. Hydroclad™ is a trademark of Danfoss A/S. Eatonite® is a registered trademark of Eaton Corporation. Eaton Corporation is not associated with either Hydroclad™ or Danfoss A/S.

Benefits of Hydroclad laser cladding

  • Corrosion-resistance – Treated cylinders have been in service on offshore oil rigs for more than 10 years
  • Flexibility without cracking – Can be applied to cylinder rods up to 21 meters long without cracking.
  • Impact resistance and wear – Withstands impact up to 32 joules (24 ft-lbs) of force without cracking
  • Field repairable – Repair damaged coatings on-site


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