AMV 435 /AME 435 QM Series

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Danfoss AME 435 QM /AMV 435 series of actuators for hydronic balancing and control valves

The AME 435 QM and AMV 435 series of actuators is used with AB-QM™ valves in sizes 1½" to 4" (DN 40 to DN 100).

The advanced design incorporates load related ‘switch-off’ to ensure that actuators and valves are not exposed to overload.

Features and benefits

Automatically adapts its stroke to the valve end positions which reduces commissioning time (self stroking)

Valve flow adjustment feature; flow can be variably-adjusted from linear to equal % or opposite.

Energy saving, cost reducing and energy efficiency improving anti-oscillation function

Advanced design incorporates load related ‘switch-off’ to ensure that actuators and valves are not exposed to overload


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Fact sheet AME 435 QM Actuator Submittal English Multiple 21 Jun, 2016 428.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV435 Actuator Datasheet VDHUT122 English Multiple 28 Jun, 2016 671.2 KB .pdf
Fact sheet AMV435 Actuator Submittal VLHUG122 English Multiple 21 Jun, 2016 453.7 KB .pdf

Product range

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