AME 25 SU / AME 25 SD

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Danfoss AME 25SD and 25SU actuators for AB-QM valves

The AME 25 series of low voltage electronic actuators are proportionally controlled and internally incorporate a safety spring function. In the event of power loss, the actuator will return to either a normally open with AME 25 SU or normally closed position with the AME 25 SD depending on the style selected (spring up-SU or spring down-SD). The AME 25 series of actuators are mounted to AB-QM™ valves in sizes of 1-½” to 4” valves.


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Operating guide AME 25 SU / AME 25 SD Danish; German; English; Spanish, Castilian; Finnish; French; Dutch, Flemish; Polish; Russian; Chinese (CN) Multiple 03 Jan, 2017 4.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 25 SU / AME 25 SD Actuator Datasheet English Multiple 27 Jun, 2016 198.5 KB .pdf
Fact sheet AME 25 SU / AME 25 SD Actuator Submittal English Multiple 21 Jun, 2016 387.6 KB .pdf

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