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Connected solutions from case to cloud

Connecting your refrigeration system to the cloud offers a world of possibilities to save money and improve food safety. Remote monitoring and management make it easy to check and triage system alarms, giving priorities to those with an immediate impact on costs or potential food loss.

Automatic and remote monitoring services deliver cost savings through performance optimization, reduced energy consumption, and fever service calls. On the long term, savings can be achieved by bench-marking performance data by using an online dashboard to optimize efficiency and save costs across a retail chain.

Features and benefits

Lowest cost of ownership

24/7/365 alarm management

Full transparency of all relevant assets across Danfoss and non-Danfoss controlled stores

Achieve up to 30% reduction in service calls

Danfoss enterprise services

Danfoss Enterprise Services

Did you ever wonder why you need 24/7 monitoring of your stores? There are many good reasons, the first being good food quality and high food safety.

Highlighted products


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Brochure Overview brochure: Evaporator Controllers English Multiple 15 Mar, 2024 1.9 MB .pdf
Brochure Overview brochure: Pack Controllers English Multiple 11 Jun, 2024 2.6 MB .pdf
Brochure Save energy and protect the environment with CO2 solutions - Special version for Food Retail English Multiple 19 Apr, 2024 15.9 MB .pdf
Brochure Smart Store Brochure English Multiple 05 Oct, 2022 23.8 MB .pdf

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