Indoor floor warming and thermal storage solutions

LX Floor Warming mats, cables, and controls

LX Floor Warming mats, cables, and controls

The Danfoss LX System includes an easy to install LX Floor Heating Mat or cable with your choice of thermostat. Affordable, efficient & perfect to install during renovations or home upgrades, our new LX205T Thermostats feature sleek design, intuitive control, & an easy to program touch screen.

Save up to 70% on installation time with our unique dual-adhesive mats & enjoy peace of mind with one of the most all-encompassing warranties in the industry!

Typical Applications

Technical details

Simple, quick, and easy to install

  1. Unroll
    Unravel and stick to sub-floor ensuring not to overlap red wires.
  2. Cut and turn
    Cut and turn as needed avoiding corners and obstacles, ensuring never to cut the red cable.
  3. Apply cement
    Apply a thin layer of cement ensuring not to nick cable.
  4. Install flooring
    Install tiles, stone, engineered wood or compatible flooring material of choice.

Superior warranty

Danfoss offers you peace of mind with one of the best, most all-encompassing warranties in the industry. Our genuine 20 year warranty covers our LX Floor Heating, GX Snow Melting & TX Thermal Storage Cables.

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Danfoss LX floor heating installation video

LX Floor Warming Installation

Discover tips and trick and see just how easy it is to install the Danfoss LX Mat and Cable System.

Features and benefits

Danfoss LX floor heating is easy to install

Easy to install

Whether you're using a mat or cable, we've made installation as simple as possible.

Danfoss LX floor heating ensures clean air

Clean air

Minimize the distribution of pollen, dust or other allergens from forced-air systems.

Danfoss LX floor heating thermostats are easy to use

Easy-to-use thermostats

Experience simple programming with a touch screen control and WIFI capable options.

Danfoss LX floor heating is affordable


Most systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.

Reduces installation time & potential errors, while guaranteeing even heat every time!

This eliminates the entire step of the installation process as no fastening is required.

Twin conductors are built into the entire mat surface making the connection to the thermostat easy.

Danfoss LX mats add only 3/16" height to the floor.

The twin conductor cable matched with long-lasting materials, enables LX products to withstand the harshest conditions.

The cable is safety approved for wet locations. No electromagnetic fields (EMF), and ground fault (GFCI) protection.

The LX electric floor heating warranty is unmatched in the industry.

Danfoss LX floor heating solutions with genuine 20 year warranty

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