Refrigerant policies and regulations

The Montreal Protocol

With the 2016 inclusion of a global HFC phase-down, the Montreal Protocol now has two regimes to control: the ODP and GWP substances. The phase-out schedule for HCFC and the phase-down schedules for HFC can be seen in the tables below. It is worth noting that the non-A5 countries rely on baselines that are frozen already while the A5 countries have a combination of the HCFC quota (already frozen) and a HFC consumption, which has yet to come. This has triggered some speculation about the incentives for A5 counties to have an early move to low-GWP refrigerants as this would decrease their baseline.

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Read the detailed overview made for the main regulations including the Montreal Protocol, the EU F-gas regulation, and the US SNAP regulation, which was turned down by federal court but again taken up in several US states.

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