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Danfoss Power Solutions – a world-class provider of mobile hydraulics for the construction, agriculture and other off-highway vehicle markets – is a segment of the Danfoss Group and provides driving power to our changing world.

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Product range

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    PLUS+1® remote controls - explore more on our global website

    Our PLUS+1® remote controls transmitters and receivers are used for controlling a wide range of machinery while keeping the operator at a safe distance.

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    PLUS+1® sensors - explore more on our global website

    Our temperature or pressure-detecting sensors link your machine functions to the control system. Many of the sensors in our broad range are PLUS+1® Compliant, contributing to precision control systems on all kinds of mobile application.

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    PLUS+1® controllers - explore more on our global website

    Our PLUS+1® controllers are the brains behind intelligent vehicle control. Thanks to their rugged design, they’ll withstand the toughest conditions your vehicle comes up against. Programming our controllers requires minimum effort with our easy-to-learn PLUS+1® GUIDE software.

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    DCV directional control valves - explore more on our global website

    Load-sensing directional control valves designed for optimal machine performance and maximum design flexibility and is complimentary to the PVG product family.

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    PLUS+1® software - explore more on our global website

    PLUS+1® GUIDE and Service Tool is the foundation of the PLUS+1® Platform. It is engineered to accelerate your development process and bring higher quality machines to market faster.​



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