Insights for Tomorrow

Engineering impact where it counts

Across the world, we see the footprints of climate change through extreme weather, and this is affecting the way we live. To future-proof our planet, we must re-think the way we use our resources. We can help drive growth in an efficient, sustainable way. Take a few minutes to appreciate what can be achieved with existing technologies. It’s about identifying the opportunities and taking action now.


Transforming our world through electrification

Energy systems are changing. Rapidly. Transitioning from fossil-based to green energy. This will see electricity become the world’s most important energy carrier, leading to widespread electrification. For instance, when cars, trucks, ferries and maritime vessels go hybrid, we will make significant cuts to the 23% of global emissions that transport produces today. And imagine then the impact when, in 2060, 90% of all cars are electric.

Along with smarter digitalized systems that allow decentralized renewable energy generation and storage, the electrification megatrend will fuel tomorrow’s emission-free growth.

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Turning words into action

Danfoss’ Engineering Tomorrow talks are a global platform and series of events created to activate innovative thinking and solutions around climate and energy.

#ETtalks bring together top speakers and visionaries to inspire the world of engineering to design today in a way that doesn’t compromise tomorrow. 

Rethinking efficiency

Enhancing building efficiency with simple, innovative solutions
The huge potential for energy efficiency in buildings is recognized by a new study which states that 30% energy savings can be achieved by optimizing technical building systems.
Energy and Water
Recognising energy efficiency as the world’s energy source
Unlocking the potential of district energy


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