Food and beverage

Danfoss offers food and beverage industry solutions within processing, packaging, transport, cold storage, food service refrigeration, specialty cooling, and intelligent total solutions for both small stores and supermarkets. In food processing and bottling line conveyors you can win dramatic savings in total cost of ownership whilst meeting strict hygiene demands. We combine the most advanced cooling efficiency, energy optimization, and big data technologies to create optimal cooling conditions in temperature-controlled environments—with near-zero downtime. Our smart functions automatically warn of potential failures and ensure routine maintenance calls take place on time. Our food retail solutions keep the world’s food fresh and help avoid waste.

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  • Food Processing and Storage - Danfoss
    Food processing and storage

    Danfoss helps bring food to the consumers by providing reliable food processing and storage safety technology. Learn more about our solutions here.

  • Food Service Refrigeration - Danfoss
    Food service

    Danfoss offers a wide range of food and beverage refrigeration equipment to ensure food quality from source to consumer. Find products and tools here.

  • Food retail - Danfoss
    Food retail

    Components designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your supermarket refrigeration system.


  • Truck, Trailer and Van Refrigeration - Danfoss
    Truck, trailer and van refrigeration

    Danfoss is a world-leading provider of trailer, truck & van refrigeration products. Visit us here - and learn why to choose our energy-efficient solutions.

  • Reefer container air conditioning
    Reefer container

    At Danfoss we have all the refrigeration solutions, experience and know-how to act as a competent and trustworthy partner for the global container industry.

  • Danfoss High-Pressure Pumps for Humidification

    Danfoss provides reliable and oil-free high-pressure pumps for any humidification - and adiabatic cooling systems. The pumps help to control humidity and temperature in greenhouses, supermarkets, server rooms among others.

  • Drives for pumps in food and beverage applications

    Control of pump speed can reduce energy consumption significantly, extend pump life, and dramatically reduce water consumption in your operations.

  • Drives for fans in food and beverage applications

    Variable speed fan control reduces costs by trimming energy consumption, and improves comfort levels by avoiding noise-generating frequencies.


  • Drives for compressors in food and beverage

    Compressor speed control provides constant pressure regulation as well as reducing your energy consumption, especially for part-load operation.