Commercial refrigerators and freezers

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Reach-in cabinet designed to receive and store fresh, frozen or pre-cooled products. Typically a stainless steel, self-contained unit used in professional kitchens, bakeries, and laboratories.

Large variety of equipment including traditional reach-ins, food prep tables, worktops, undercounters, chef bases, milk coolers, and underbar refrigerators.

Features and benefits

Superior temperature control

Lightweight and compact solutions

Stainless steel products for aggressive environments and the food & beverage industry

Reliable solutions, low operation and maintenance costs

Products suitable for use with all common refrigerants, including natural refrigerants

Long service life


  • TU expansion valve for improved energy efficiency compared to capillary tube
  • EVUL solenoid valve for effective hot gas defrost
  • ERC/ETC electronic controllers to optimize system performance resulting in energy savings
  • 1.5” DML filter drier for moisture & particle removal to protect systems against freeze-up and abrasive impurities
  • ACB pressure switch for reliable hi/low pressure cut-out and compressor protection
  • MCHE Serpentine condenser coil to minimize refrigerant charge and improve efficiency
  • Light commercial compressors

Related products

  • Danfoss Optyma condensing unit
    Optyma™ (bare/indoor units)

    The design concept of the Optyma™ condensing units is optimization, with newly designed single or two fan units, with standard or enlarged condenser (for high ambient conditions). To fulfill customer demand we have developed different versions of the Optyma condensing unit worldwide.

  • T2/TE2 thermostatic expansion valves - Danfoss
    T2/TE2 thermostatic expansion valves, exchangeable orifice

    T2/TE2 thermostatic expansion valves are used for liquid injection into evaporators on both refrigeration and air conditioning systems using fluorinated refrigerants. T2/TE2 is supplied with an interchangeable orifice assembly for easy stocking and service.

  • EVUL solenoid valves NC - Danfoss
    EVUL solenoid valves, normally open

    EVUL solenoid valves are designed to fit into compact refrigeration systems and can be applied in liquid, suction, and hot gas lines. EVUL solenoid valves can be used in many different refrigeration systems and are specially designed for commercial refrigeration systems, refrigeration appliances, liquid coolers, ice cube machines, mobile refrigeration systems, heat pump systems and air conditioning units.

  • Refrigeration compressors - Danfoss
    Compressors for refrigeration

    Danfoss focuses on providing energy efficient, sustainable and smart refrigeration compressors for a varied range of commercial applications such as cold rooms, display windows, ice making machines, glass door merchandizers, process cooling etc. Their qualification with lower GWP refrigerants make them compliant with refrigerant regulations such as F-Gas in Europe.

  • Hydrocarbon compressors - Danfoss
    Hydrocarbon compressors

    R290 & R600a: Danfoss propane and isobutane compressors – tailored for light commercial refrigeration applications.

Case studies

  • Danfoss ADC lab testing helps Haglund improve energy efficiency by 34%
    Danfoss ADC lab testing helps Haglund improve energy efficiency by 34%

    Refrigeration manufacturer Haglund Industri AB wanted to achieve energy efficiency class A. Experts at the Danfoss Application Development Center (ADC) rigorously tested new component packages and reported energy savings up to 34%.

  • Hot gas defrost - the next step in commercial kitchen refrigeration
    Hot gas defrost - the next step in commercial kitchen refrigeration

    As authorities and customers focus on energy efficiency standards and ratings to understand not just what a commercial refrigeration unit costs to buy, but what it costs to operate, the refrigeration design engineer needs to look again at the fundamentals and consider new approaches.

  • Hot gas defrost of low temperature refrigeration evaporators with natural refrigerants Danfoss
    Hot gas defrost of low temperature refrigeration evaporators with natural refrigerants

    Industrial refrigeration systems predominantly use natural refrigerants, primarily ammonia and more recently CO2 Energy efficiency and the effective operation of those systems are the key parameters for operators of the plants The focus of the white paper is the comparisons of hot gas defrost strategy control methods, both on the hot gas side as well as on the condensate drain


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