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District energy

As cities continue to grow and increasingly rely on multiple energy sources, district heating plants are becoming more complex. Preventing downtime is critical, and Danfoss has the solutions that unlocks the grids full potential, can keep the plants up and running, as well as help them leverage renewable energy sources and become more sustainable.

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Enter a new dimension of district energy

Discover ultimate network resilience and energy efficiency with Danfoss Titan™ for continuous optimization of substation performance. Watch the video to learn more or find more information here. 


Highlighted products for District Energy applications

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    Titan™ by Danfoss

    There’s nothing like perspective. Looking at something differently allows you to see new things. It adds dimension. To the digital dynamics of your network. The pulse of the grid. Danfoss Titan™ combines best-in-class substations with innovative digital twin technology to add a new and data-driven dimension to district energy.

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    Leanheat® Monitor

    Leanheat® Monitor controls, monitors remotely, and optimizes the district heating systems. It helps district energy companies to improve the efficiency and control of their operation management and therefore save time and money.

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    Leanheat® Network

    Leanheat® Network is a thermo-hydraulic modeling tool that helps district energy designers and system operators to design and operate distribution systems optimally. It provides hydraulic and thermal simulations of states (pressure, flow, and temperature) in district heating/cooling networks.


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    Leanheat® Software Suite & Services

    Danfoss Leanheat® Software Suite & Services is an application-driven suite of the end-to-end software and services that harnesses the power of digitalisation to optimise energy production and consumption, increase operational efficiencies, and put building control and maintenance in your hands.

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    Leanheat® Production

    Leanheat® Production is an advanced software tool for forecasting, planning, and optimizing district energy production and distribution. Our solution helps to minimize the energy loss in the distribution network by predicting the exact heat consumption in the network and ensure substantial energy savings.

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    Differential pressure, flow and temperature controllers

    Balance your network, save energy and improve end-user comfort by hydronic balancing and control of district energy networks. Optimal hydronic balance and perfect temperature control are the key to maximizing the efficiency of heating or cooling networks.

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