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Solutions for your convenience store

Increasing energy costs, food safety, high operation costs, system breakdowns and complex maintenance – we know that these are some of the key concerns that are weighing on your shoulders when you think about your convenience store. But we have the solutions that will give you peace of mind.

Below you will find more information on the products we offer, what's in it for you - and also case references to dive into and learn more about how our solutions have helped convenience store owners locally. 


What’s in it for You

Energy usage cost savings of up to 20% or more per year

Reduced product loss due to optimum storage temperature and automatic alarms

Less breakdowns means reduced costs for service calls

Increased reliability and longer system life

Peace of mind - as our solutions are always on, even you're off! 

Reduce your energy bill

Refrigeration typically accounts for around 60% of the total energy usage in a store, and this will only grow as more refrigeration is added.

With thousands of installed condensing units in forecourts and convenience stores globally, Danfoss cooling products have proven to deliver up to 20% energy savings per year. This means the expected payback time is 1-2 years a result of the improved energy performance of your system.

The Danfoss Optyma™ Plus INVERTER condensing units combine ease of use with maximum energy efficiency and are ideal for applications involving display cabinets and cold storage areas crucial to the convenience retail market sector. All units meet and comply the high standards of energy efficiency set out with the Eco Design Directive 2018.

Reliable refrigeration solutions

Our reliable products deliver longer system life, less breakdowns and reduced costs associated with engineer's call out charges. With our proven track record, you can trust that we have the expert knowledge to ensure that you get the right solution that fits your store.

You can read about our results in the case stories and learn more about our products and solutions below. If you want to know more, please enter your details and let's start a dialogue on how Danfoss can help boost your convenience store business.

Related products

  • Optyma™ Plus INVERTER - Danfoss
    Optyma™ Plus INVERTER

    Danfoss Optyma™ Plus INVERTER combines our market leading expertise in condensing unit design with the unique benefits of stepless inverter scroll technology.

  • Optyma™ Control
    Optyma™ Control

    Optyma™ Control is a cold room controller specifically designed for safety, protection, control, and ease of installation.

Case studies

  • Efficient Optyma™ Plus ease cold room installation at new fast food restaurant

    Fast food restaurant chain’s new restaurant needed refrigeration to be quiet, energy efficient and reliable – with easy installation and servicing. Optyma™ Plus condensing units were the obvious choice.

  • Gibson’s Farm Shop achieves over 20% energy saving with Optyma™ Plus INVERTER
    Gibson’s Farm Shop achieves over 20% energy saving with Optyma™ Plus INVERTER

    The growing store added new refrigeration capacity – and still saw energy bills fall – after replacing two condensing units with a single adaptive package.

  • A new cold room in time for Christmas with fast-installation Optyma™ Slim Pack
    A new cold room in time for Christmas with fast-installation Optyma™ Slim Pack

    A high-performing cold room delivered in a matter of days, so Hurren’s Butchers could maximize seasonal business.

  • Russia’s first transcritical CO₂ hypermarket Danfoss
    Russia’s first transcritical CO₂ hypermarket

    In Voskresensk, Russian retailer Magnit has opened the first hypermarket in Russia using a transcritical booster refrigeration system with carbon dioxide (CO₂) — an eco-friendly and natural refrigerant.

  • Supermarket danfoss
    Engineering a cool supermarket with Danfoss technology

    As part of the luxury shopping mall Paseo La Galeria, Danfoss has supplied a refrigeration control system for the supermarket “Superseis”, including systems management for better energy efficiency in the food refrigeration application.

  • Smart store brought to life at irish service stations
    Smart store brought to life at Irish service stations

    With 230 service stations around the country, Maxol Group is the leading family-owned oil company in Ireland. Beginning in 2014, Maxol stations underwent a transformation that placed increased focus on the customer experience, offering high-end snack products and convenience shopping to people on the-go. During this transformation, Maxol wanted to upgrade refrigeration, lighting and HVAC to support store ambience, ensure food safety and save on energy bills.

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