Efficient Optyma™ Plus ease cold room installation at new fast food restaurant

Monday, 16 November 2020


  • 35% reduction in refrigerant charge
  • Quiet and efficient operations
  • Reliable, multi-temperature performance
  • Easy access for faster maintenance and servicing

It’s over 60 years since the first franchise of this fast food restaurant chain opened it’s doors, but the company remains as ambitious as ever.
Getting there relies on efficiency, consistency, and a reliable, proven formula – and that’s as true for restaurant installation as it is for this fast food restaurant chain’s secret blend of herbs and spices.

Longstanding installation partners of the company, LRS Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is a family-run business that’s installed cooling equipment at six new restaurants of the chain’s sites across the south of England.

For this new restaurant, LRS chose Danfoss Optyma™ Plus condensing units – for their quiet, efficient operation, and easy-access installation and servicing.


Fast food restaurant chain

Fast food restaurant chain’s new restaurant needed refrigeration to be quiet, energy efficient and reliable – with easy installation and servicing. Optyma™ Plus condensing units were the obvious choice.

To deliver the dining experience and value for money its customers expect, the fast food restaurant chain needs its restaurant refrigeration to be efficient, reliable and quiet – delivering consistently excellent performance with minimal fuss.

The new restaurant needed condensing units to keep two bulk storage rooms at 2 °C, as well as a walk-in freezer at -20 °C. The refrigeration had to be reliable, to safeguard food quality and protect the restaurant’s valuable stock – and efficient, to minimise overheads.

The units also needed to be easy to access and service, to avoid disrupting the busy kitchen with extended maintenance work.

LRS installer Jack Lee selected three Danfoss Optyma™ Plus condensing units: two medium back pressure units with R449A for the chill rooms, and a low back pressure version with R452A for the walk-in freezer.

He said: “We chose the units for their reliability and ease of installation. We’ve used the Optyma™ Plus range successfully in other sites [of this fast food restaurant chain] – Danfoss is a market leader, and we can give our client the confidence of working with a trusted brand.”

The three units are neatly floor-mounted on rubber feet behind the restaurant, for ease of service and access. Their quiet operation means they can run constantly in the busy outdoor location without disturbing customers or neighbours, while their robust, powder-coated steel housing will keep them looking smart.

The units were paired with Danfoss T2 thermostatic expansion valves qualified for R449A, and reliable EVR v2 solenoid valves.

As an additional benefit, the Optyma™ Plus’s microchannel heat exchanger enabled LRS to reduce refrigerant charge by around 35%, helping the fast food restaurant chain reduce its carbon footprint.

The installation went smoothly – thanks in part to the Optyma™ Plus units’ self-contained, plug-and-play format.

The restaurant has opened successfully, and the refrigeration system continues to work well, consistently providing the efficient cooling performance the restaurant needs.

Jack concludes: “There have been no issues whatsoever. The installation is delivering everything it promised – reliable, quiet operation and efficiency – so everyone is happy.”

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