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Optimize performance, energy efficiency and safety in your refrigeration system

Food safety has top priority among consumers today and tomorrow. Food safety in the dairy, meat, fisheries and other food industries relies on an unbroken and efficient cold chain from field to fork.

Danfoss helps bring food to consumers around the world by providing reliable, precise and efficient refrigeration systems for the food industry.

With Danfoss you will have a trusted partner with experience and know-how related to a wide range of food processing industries, e.g. breweries, dairies, fisheries and the meat industry and for cold storage as well as frozen foods.

Hygiene is a key word in modern food industry. When hygiene really matters and corrosion is a serious risk due to the harshness of the environment, stainless steel is your ideal choice for refrigeration systems. With the introduction of the Danfoss SVL SS and ICF SS Flexline™ components in stainless steel you will find what you need to obtain optimum hygiene and durable solutions.

The Danfoss valves and filters are designed for the majority of modern refrigerants operating with high pressures, including low GWP refrigerants as for instance CO2 and ammonia.

With Danfoss components you can optimise your refrigeration system as regards performance, energy efficiency and safety. All products come with a wide range of approvals and we can offer you turnkey solutions based on a long history of close cooperation with the food industry.

Features and benefits

Precise temperature control

Stainless steel products for high hygiene and low corrosion risk

Reliable solutions, low operation and maintenance costs

High energy efficiency

ICFD defrost module promo video - Danfoss

Improve defrost performance and reduce energy consumption

The ICFD 20 Defrost Module is a liquid based drain module packaged into our widely acknowledged ICF Valve Station.

Related products

  • Electronic valve control - EKE 347 - Danfoss
    Electronic valve control - EKE 347
    EKE 347 is the new series liquid level controller to replace the EKC 347, and EKE 347 is used for regulation of the liquid level.
  • Refrigeration pressure transmitters - Danfoss
    Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Pressure Transmitters
    Refrigeration pressure transmitters are used for commercial air-conditioning and for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. They are made in stainless steel to be compatible with fluorinated and natural refrigerants and laser welding with no soft seals ensure hermetic tightness for decades.
  • Refrigeration temperature sensors - Danfoss
    Refrigeration temperature sensors
    Refrigeration temperature sensors are used for applications within air-conditioning as well as commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. The Pt 1000 sensor element meets the DIN/IES 751 class B requirements and ensures an accurate and reliable temperature signal applicable for regulation, safety and data logging.
  • Heavy duty gas detector Danfoss
    Gas detection for industrial refrigeration
    The next generation of Danfoss gas detectors are based on a digital platform that delivers multiple communication and integration options for improved operational reliability, easy calibration and maintenance efficiency, cost effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.
  • AKS4100 liquid level sensors - Danfoss
    Liquid level sensors
    The AKS 4100 liquid level sensor takes you to a whole new level of flexibility and accuracy. With TDR guided radar technology, the sensor is fully adapted to industrial refrigeration – reliable and with high accuracy.

Related applications

  • Danfoss industrial refrigeration products for brewery applications
    Brewery refrigeration systems
    In the brewing industry, control is a keyword all the way from mash to bottled product. Danfoss provides products to meet all brewery industry requirements.
  • Dairy - Pouring Milk - Danfoss
    Dairy refrigeration systems
    At Danfoss we have all the refrigeration solutions, experience and know-how to act as a competent and trustworthy partner for the global dairy industry.
  • Danfoss industrial refrigeration products for meat processing applications
    Meat processing refrigeration systems
    Danfoss has all the refrigeration solutions, experience and know-how to act as a competent and trustworthy partner for the global meat processing industry.

Case studies

  • Danfoss ICF Flexline industrial refrigeration system
    Taste of time: Jinhua Ham kept the high quality with accurate control in refrigeration system
    The famous Chinese ham manufacturer Jinhua Ham has partnered with Danfoss to implement an advanced solution for controlling different temperature zones, ensuring food safety and quality. At the core of the system is the ICF Flexline™ valve station.
  • New defrost system reduces defrost time by 45%
    New defrost system reduces defrost time by 45%
    Leading Indian fishery, Ananda Seafoods, improved productivity by 75% with new defrost system applying the Danfoss ICF valve station.
  • Ammonia conversion for cold storage facility is simple with ICV flexline™ Danfoss
    Ammonia conversion for cold storage facility is simple with ICV Flexline™
    Consumer retail stores are looking for tried-and-true ideas to thrive in turbulent economic times That’s why a major 190-store retail chain based in the Midwest switched to a proven refrigeration solution for one of its distribution centers - an environmentally friendly ammonia system that uses Danfoss ICV Flexline valve stations
  • For multiple benefits offered, Frigotehnica has chosen ICF Danfoss
    For multiple benefits offered, Frigotehnica has chosen ICF
    Frigotehnica has elected to use the latest products and technical solutions developed by Danfoss for their industrial refrigeration applications in Romania.
  • ICF flexline™ valve station application in ice cream factory
    ICF Flexline™ valve station application in ice cream factory
    During a recent refitting of an ice cream manufacturing plant, the application of ICF Flexline™ valve stations from Danfoss led to a significant reduction in production down-time It was estimated that approximately 80% improvement was realized when compared to traditional valve assemblies
  • ICF Valve Danfoss
    Danfoss ICF valve station in huge national cold storage solution
    The national cold storage, Pujiang, located in the Sichuan province, stores more than ten thousand tons of meat products Due to its attractive features the Danfoss ICF valve station plays a significant role in the cold storage solution, securing energy savings for the customer

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