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You can get immediate access to our Customer Service or Technical Support experts: 1-888-DANFOSS (1-888-326-3677)

Please have the following information available before you call tech support:

  • Review Solutions for the Top 10 Tech Support Calls
  • Product information 
  • Images of: cable connections; filters, resisters, fuses, chokes etc; any external hardware linking to the drive 
  • Motor data: include motor datasheets or a reference circuit diagram of external equipment 
  • Cable data
  • Network type TT, IT, NT, NT-S etc. 
  • Alarms/warning you have experienced 
  • MCT 10*.ssp file and MCT10 build version

DrivePro® Professional Drive Services

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When circumstances threaten your uptime and budget, Danfoss DrivePro® programs provide the solution. With coverage and replacement programs, professional services, and spare parts, DrivePro® has the solutions to keep you up and running.