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You can get immediate access to our Customer Service or Technical Support experts: 1-888-DANFOSS (1-888-326-3677)

Please have the following information available before you call tech support:

  • Review Solutions for the Top 10 Tech Support Calls
  • Product information 
  • Images of: cable connections; filters, resisters, fuses, chokes etc; any external hardware linking to the drive 
  • Motor data: include motor datasheets or a reference circuit diagram of external equipment 
  • Cable data
  • Network type TT, IT, NT, NT-S etc. 
  • Alarms/warning you have experienced 
  • MCT 10*.ssp file and MCT10 build version


For fast answers, ask our chatbot for help with faults, warnings and alarms.

For troubleshooting, technical support, documentation and service requests, as well as spare parts or replacement please contact your local sales office.


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