American super market chain saves energy and millions of dollars

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
American super market chain saves energy and millions of dollars

The large, American supermarket chain, Winn-Dixie, uses Danfoss refrigeration system controllers and services to benchmark, monitor energy use, ensure food safety, and reduce carbon emissions.

The supermarket chain is using Danfoss AK-SC 255 system controllers integrated with Danfoss Electronically Delivered Services to significantly improve store energy use. Over the past two years, energy consumption has been reduced by more than 53.4 million kWh, which equates to savings of more than 5.3 USD million. Less energy consumption also means that Winn-Dixie has reduced its annual carbon dioxide emissions in excess of 41,000 metric tons.

It is important to Winn-Dixie to reduce energy use and focus on running an efficient, safe and healthy business. 

Each day, supermarkets use huge amounts of energy on refrigeration to keep food cold. More intelligent solutions that allow the supermarkets to better control their refrigeration systems can result in massive savings – both energy savings and financial.

The solution from Danfoss enables food retailers like Winn-Dixie to continuously improve stores via energy monitoring and benchmarking, as well as maintaining and sustaining energy savings. Danfoss’ AK-SC 255 system controller uses intelligent optimization to help users drive down refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, and other operation costs, and features an advanced alarm monitoring system that provides immediate warnings, including refrigerant leak detection, that ensure food safety and improve risk management. 

The Winn-Dixie solution has resulted in a reduction of more than 53.4 million kWh over the past two years, which equals savings of more than $5.3 million.


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