MBS 1600, pressure transmitter for plastic processing

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Tailored to the specific requirements of the plastic and wind industries

The compact MBS 1600 pressure transmitters are built tough to withstand the harsh environments that wind power and plastic applications face. The dedicated range of pressure transmitters comes with all the needed electrical and pressure connections for easy integration into the nacelle.

The high-quality and EMC-immune pressure transmitter comes in two versions: 

  • MBS 1600 – without integrated pulse-snubber
  • MBS 1650 – with integrated pulse-snubber

The integrated pulse-snubber offers a high degree of protection against cavitation and liquid hammer. The fully welded and compact design provides excellent vibration stability and exceptional robustness. MBS 1600/1650 is 100 % immune to VFD-induced electric noise and noise from other direct-coupled electrical fast transients from valves and relays. 

Features and benefits

100% immune to electric noise from VFD and other direct-coupled electrical fast transients from valves and relays

High burst and over pressure capabilities due to fully welded design

Protected against cavitation, liquid hammering, short- circuit and mis-wire

Fast time constant to support industry requirement (<1m sec 10 to 90% step response)

Wide operating temperature range

Fully welded design and wetted parts made of stainless steel

Vibration and shock stability due to the ridged design

Zero drift due to excellent long term stability

Wide range of electrical and pressure connections

All absolute voltage output signals: 0 – 5 V, 1 – 5 V, 1 – 6 V, 0 – 10 V

MTTFd > 100 years

Approvals and certificates

  • CE
  • UL508
  • EN13849-1 PLc compliant


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Brochure MBS 1600 For Industrial Hydraulic English Multiple 15 Jun, 2020 1.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet OEM transmitters for heavy-duty applications, MBS 1600 and MBS 1650 English Multiple 22 Jul, 2020 517.5 KB .pdf
Brochure Wind Power English Multiple 07 Dec, 2020 2.8 MB .pdf

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