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OEM Pressure Transmitters for heavy-duty mobile hydraulic applications

The compact OEM pressure transmitter program is designed for use in severe hydraulic applications. The program consists of three series:

  • DST P600 - without integrated pulse snubber
  • DST P650 - with integrated pulse snubber
  • DST P607 - without integrated pulse snubber, Cleanliness according to ISO 15001

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The integrated pulse-snubber offers a high degree of protection against cavitation and liquid hammer, and the well thought out design results in excellent vibration stability and an exceptional robustness. The high degree of EMI protection equips the pressure transmitter to meet most requirements. Running a powerful ARM-based micro-controller, offering diagnostic functions and intelligent performance features.

Features and benefits

MTTFd >100 years

High burst and over pressure capabilities due to fully welded design.

Safe ingress protection even in the harshest environment.

EMC protection up to 100 V/m

EMC tested in accordance with Automotive ISO standards

Zero drift due to excellent long term stability ensuring safety of the machine.

High tolerance to mechanical shock and vibrations

Fully digitally compensated

Wetted parts of stainless steel

Wide range of electrical and pressure connections

For medium and ambient temperatures up to 125 °C

Output signal: 10 – 90% ratiometric voltage

Output clipping Min and Max

Product ordering key

Please contact your local Danfoss Office for further information.

OEM Pressure Transmitters for heavy-duty applications, type DST P600, P607 and DST P650
Next-level smart sensor availability for the mobile hydraulics industry

130% increase in production capacity and the next-generation DST P650 pressure transmitter is available?

On the heels of our boosted pressure transmitter production capacity, Danfoss is launching the DST P650, a robust digital-ready pressure transmitter delivering future-proof efficiency, reliability, and safety


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet OEM Pressure Transmitters for heavy-duty applications, Type DST P600 and DST P650 English Multiple 23 Jun, 2023 1.2 MB .pdf





MTTFd >100 years in accordance with ISO13849-1

Tested in accordance with ISO automotive references

Approval Certificates

Type Name Approval authority Language Valid for Download Expiration date File type
EU-UK Declaration Danfoss EU-UK 090R0011.02 English Multiple 1.5 MB .pdf
Electrical Safety Certificate UL E494625 English Multiple 104.7 KB .pdf

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