Hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC)

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Hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC)

Danfoss ICS specializes in Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HICs) allowing customers to use our broad portfolio of cartridge valves to create innovative solutions for optimal machine control and performance. A custom HIC offers unlimited flexibility for optimizing a solution for your specific machine - taking assembly, plumbing, wiring, service and weight distribution into consideration.

Features and benefits

HICs are compact packages that simplify machine plumbing, reducing costs for fittings, tubes, hoses, and installation

Connections between cartridges are made internal to the manifold, resulting in elimination of leak points

Components can be replaced without disturbing machine plumbing, dramatically reducing service time and costs

HICs can be centralized on a machine or strategically located near a function. Using a custom HIC provides the designer unlimited flexibility to optimize the design to meet the specific needs of  the application


A custom HIC can be specified and designed to meet your circuit requirements using our EasyManifold design tool.
EasyManifold allows you to:

  • Effortlessly create your hydraulic circuit schematic from Danfoss’s digital library of cartridge valves using a drag and drop interface
  • Automatically design small to medium sized HICs.  At the click of a button, your project can be submitted and EasyManifold will generate a 2D drawing and 3D model. In less than an hour, you can take your project from a concept to a design ready for manufacturing.

Product range

  • if (isSmallPicture) { ICS motor mount HICs; } else if (isBigColumns) { ICS motor mount HICs } else { ICS motor mount HICs }
    ICS motor mount HICs

    Our motor mount HICs (Hydraulic Integrated Circuits) complement the line of Danfoss orbital motors perfectly. Use them in tandem on your motor applications and see performance soar.  We offer a flow and pressure ranges to match specific motor capabilities.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { ICS fan drive HICs; } else if (isBigColumns) { ICS fan drive HICs } else { ICS fan drive HICs }
    ICS fan drive HICs

    Our hydraulic modulating fan drive system allows the machine designer to keep engine temperature in a narrow operating band. It also saves engine power and fuel for the majority of operating conditions. You can choose from 6 types of pre-engineered hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs) designed to provide speed control and reversing for hydraulic modulating fan drive motors in open circuit hydraulic fan drive systems.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { ICS spreader HICs; } else if (isBigColumns) { ICS spreader HICs } else { ICS spreader HICs }
    ICS spreader HICs

    Danfoss spreader valves offer load-independent flow control for two functions. These products have served many markets for years, primarily being used for ice and snow control on sand/salt spreader vehicles.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { ICS traction control HICs; } else if (isBigColumns) { ICS traction control HICs } else { ICS traction control HICs }
    ICS traction control HICs

    Our line of traction control HICs (Hydraulic Integrated Circuit) provide efficient drive solutions on vehicles where one pump drives multiple motors. Solutions are available for 2 motor and 4 motor systems to deliver equal flow to the motors once actuated, preventing wheel spin and excessive motor speed.

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Related applications

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Agriculture; } else if (isBigColumns) { Agriculture } else { Agriculture }

    Farmers need agricultural machines that deliver the same high productivity every season. Hydraulic solutions from Danfoss ensure world-class performance from each machine, and a comfortable, stress-free working environment for their operators.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Construction; } else if (isBigColumns) { Construction } else { Construction }

    Space is limited on construction sites, and there are people working everywhere. Contractors need machines that can safely maneuver in a tight spot. At the same time they still need to be powerful enough to get the job done. At Danfoss, we deliver the components, software, and controls that enable your machines to run safely, efficiently and effectively.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Forestry; } else if (isBigColumns) { Forestry } else { Forestry }

    Rough, sloping terrain and cramped working conditions call for robust and reliable forestry machines. We make sure you can manage everything from cutting trees and transport to preparing the forest floor for replanting. We have the smart hydraulic solutions your machines need for precise and efficient forestry operations.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Lawn and turf; } else if (isBigColumns) { Lawn and turf } else { Lawn and turf }
    Lawn and turf

    Lawn and turf machines must adapt to their surroundings and the season – becoming sweepers or snow blowers as required. At Danfoss, we make hydraulic solutions to provide that flexibility and ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Road building ; } else if (isBigColumns) { Road building } else { Road building }
    Road building

    Advanced hydraulic systems from Danfoss deliver the machine performance that ensures road builders can meet their deadlines.