ECO 80 directional control valves

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Reliability and efficiency

The market is full of standard valve solutions. With our modular ECO 80 valves, you can expect all the benefits of our proven valve technology at a level of quality and performance that won’t let you down.

ECO 80 valves are ideal for the off-highway segment, including municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery, small cranes, construction machinery and road building applications.

Benefits and value

Load-sensing technology for high efficiency, reduced energy consumption and a long system life 

Reduced time to market with modular design and short lead times 

Wide portfolio of options - from mechanical to electrohydraulic (EH) control

Combination of mechanical and EH control in same valve configuration

Fine metering for increase for better controllability and machine performance

Technical details

Flow rating up to 80l/min [21 US gal/min] 

Work port pressure up to 320 bar [4,570 psi]


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