Internally rectified with compact design

Control the opening and closing of solenoid and proportional valves with a compact, fast-switching coil, including our ToughCoil series. We internally rectify standard AC coils to supply them with DC current and avoid an "in-rush" current.

Core features - internally rectified
Engineered - compact design
Features - continuous duty

Coil advantage

Our solenoid and proportional valve coils are:

  • Rated for continuous duty
  • Interchangeable for serviceability
  • Available in a variety of voltages and terminations
  • In a one-piece, weather-proof encapsulated design
  • Internally full-wave rectified¬†


ToughCoils: industry-leading protection and performance 

Designed with environmental protection and solenoid performance in a compact and rugged package of ToughCoils:

  • Come in a variety of popular integrated connection options and with wire leads
  • Feature a best-in-class, one-piece, shell-encapsulated design
  • Meet the most stringent environmental application requirements
  • Are field retrofittable thanks to our exclusive compact coil design

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