Slip-in cartridge valves

Faster response time

Slip-in cartridge valves excel in high-flow systems. Engineered to meet the demands of a new generation of hydraulic-operated machinery, these valves enable the creation of faster, more efficient and compact hydraulic systems.

Slip-in cartridge valves are designed to reduce internal leakage and prevent external leaks entirely. You can customize a valve without any piping at all, for completely leak-free operation and increased reliability.

Size - NG 16 to NG 63

Pressure - Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)

Flow - Up to 5,000 L/min (1,321 gal/min)

High-performance high-flow machines

Slip-in cartridge valves can enhance the performance of your machine through:

  • Improved control of load-holding
  • Lower pressure drops with less heat generation, providing greater machine efficiency
  • Faster response time, enabling faster machine cycling for greater productivity
  • Each cartridge can be tuned to reduce system shock, resulting in smoother machine operation
  • Cartridges can be easily serviced without disturbing system piping, increasing machine uptime

Cost-saving design

  • Each cartridge can be sized for the actual flow encountered, optimizing component size and cost
  • Multi-function cartridges reduce the number of valving components required, resulting in lower machine costs
  • Installation is easier and faster, reducing assembly costs
  • Simple serviceability reduces maintenance time and costs
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