Stop leaks before they start

With rugged reliability and long life, check valves are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your application. Choose from inline, right-angle, manifold-mounted and pilot-operated designs.

Size - D02 to D10

Pressure - Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)

Flow - Up to 400 L/min (100 gal/min)

Inline, right-angle, manifold-mounted and pilot-operated check valves

Check valves are available in a wide variety of styles and a range of spring (cracking) pressures to suit application requirements. Right-angle, manifold-mounted and pilot-operated check valves can be used for high-velocity flows resulting in shock conditions, while inline models are designed for low-shock service.

Inline check valves

  • Can be used as a safety bypass for flow surges through filters and heat exchangers
  • With a higher spring rating, they can also be used as a means of generating pilot pressure

Right-angle check valves

  • Designed for higher flows with less pressure drop
  • Valve seat and poppet are hardened and ground steel for improved cycle life
  • Typically used to control the rate of decompression in a large press before shifting the main valve

Pilot operated check valves

  • Very low internal leakage
  • Typically used to lock a cylinder in place until the main directional valve shifts

Flange-mounted right-angle and inline check valves

The rugged design of our flange-mounted right-angle and inline check valves ensures superior shock resistance, reliability and long life. These valves can be mounted directly on an SAE pump outlet port flange or stacked with a CPF relief valve to provide a pump unloading function. This mounting style results in a much smaller space requirement and eliminates plumbing and potential leak points.

Right-angle check valves

  • Fast opening and closing and stable performance
  • Easier installation and servicing of components

Inline valves

  • Compact, robust design
  • Low pressure drop
  • Wide flow/pressure range

Don’t forget the subplates and bolt kits

To install industrial valves, you need subplates and bolt kits. This hardware is engineered especially for Danfoss valves and manifolds to give your systems the flat surfaces and stiffness required for a reliable seal.

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