CLS load-sensing sectional mobile valve

Increase responsiveness and enhance efficiency

With market-leading features like priority flow sharing and patented load sense bleed-off, Danfoss' CLS load-sensing sectional mobile valves give you the power to prioritize work functions, improve machine efficiency and enhance performance. Plus, CLS valves are highly modular and offer one of the smallest envelopes in the industry, giving you the flexibility to build the machine you've always wanted to build.

Priority flow sharing - Pre- and post-compensated sections in the same valve assembly

Patented load-sense features - Increase responsiveness and enhance efficiency

Compact design - Requires minimal space in your machine envelope

Priority flow sharing 

With the CLS 100 valve’s priority flow sharing capability, you can put pre- and post-compensated sections together in one valve assembly. This ensures priority function(s) maintain speed while others are reduced proportionally in the event of a saturated pump condition, enabling you to:

  • Accelerate productivity
  • Improve machine efficiency
  • Enhance safety

Patented load-sense features

CLS sectional mobile valves feature patented load sense technology to improve your machine’s performance, including:

  • Load-sense bleed-off terminates continuous bleed-off, reducing energy loss and increasing responsiveness
  • Sectional load sense relief limits pressure at the work ports without absorbing the full flow, improving dynamic response and enhancing efficiency

Design, engineer and build without compromise

With a wide range of configuration options, Danfoss' CLS load-sensing sectional mobile valves enable you to design a valve to meet the precise requirements of your machine. Features include:

  • Modular valve banks with up to 10 sections
  • A range of actuation options, including manual, hydraulic, electrohydraulic, manual override levers and more
  • Add-on kits that allow the valve to work with both open- and closed-center systems, depending on the application requirement
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