PVE-EX electrohydraulic actuators

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Reliable and efficient

Safety is the highest priority when operating machines within the offshore oil and gas industry. Also, in other hazardous environments where the smallest spark is a risk. It takes specially designed components to develop a sophisticated electrohydraulic system that can drive heavy-duty work functions efficiently and safely.

The Danfoss PVE-EX series of electrohydraulic actuators is engineered for the task, enabling the use of top-performing PVG valves in highly explosive atmospheres. Additionally, meeting complex control needs in the process.

The PVE Ex db protection variant uses a flame-proof protection method. This is crucial for use in underground mining applications and oil & gas markets. Designed with a cast iron enclosure, the PVE-EX protects the interior connectors and embedded electronics. While a protective coating on the exterior provides superior corrosion protection. 

Featuring closed loop control (CLC) technology, the PVE-EX compensates for varying flow forces on the spool, internal leakage and changes in oil viscosity and pilot pressure. Feedback signals identify the source of faults or errors. As well as, the exact position of the spool so issues are quickly resolved and precision control maintained at all times.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet Electrohydraulic Actuators PVE-EX Data Sheet Chinese (CN) Multiple 27 Nov, 2019 4.4 MB .pdf
Data sheet PVE-EX Electrohydraulic Actuators Data Sheet English Multiple 15 Sep, 2016 4.3 MB .pdf
User guide PVE-EX Ex db for PVG Proportional Valves Technical Information English Multiple 16 Oct, 2017 12.2 MB .pdf
User guide PVE-EX Ex db for PVG Proportional Valves Technical Information Chinese (CN) Multiple 18 Aug, 2020 12.7 MB .pdf

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