Danfoss PTFE and Teflon hose and tubing

Superior performance

Danfoss has been a pioneer in the production of hoses made with PTFE resin. Our Everflex PTFE hoses made with Teflon are ideally suited for use in applications where high and low temperature, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, and flexibility are required.

  • Wide temperature range - Up to -65º F to 450º F (-54º C to 260º C)
  • Chemically resistant - Chemically inert tube, Impervious to degradation
  • Flexible - Withstands vibration and impulsing

Everflex: The premier choice for hose products made from premium grade Teflon™ fluoropolymer resin.

Since 1961, Danfoss' Everflex hoses have been the premier choice for hose products made from premium grade Teflon™ fluoropolymer resin for use in truck, chemical, hot melt, steam, packaging, paint, machinery and many other demanding applications.

Benefits of PTFE hoses

  • Wide temperature range, up to -65º F to 450º F (-54º C to 260º C) at rated pressures (greater range than rubber)
  • Chemically resistant. It is impervious to degradation due to fluid exposure
  • Can withstand continuous flexing, vibration, or impulsing. It is less subject to cyclic fatigue than rubber or metal hoses
  • Very low coefficient of friction = higher fluid flow velocity especially when compared to metal hose
  • Unlimited shelf life and long service life
  • It is inert. It does not contaminate contents (for example, Teflon fluoropolymer is an FDA approved material for food contact)

Teflon is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by Danfoss.


  • Bus, truck and off highway
  • Industrial, mills, platen presses
  • Chemical Transfer, adhesive Transfer
  • Engine / Fuel
  • Fire / rescue air
  • Paint & paint spraying
  • Steam applications

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