Danfoss engine and fuel hose and tubing

Superior performance

Our engine and fuel tubing hoses meet our customers’ most stringent emissions requirements along with the growing demand for more efficient, reliable systems. No matter the need – whether it’s a specification for duty cycle, temperature, pressure, or fuel type – we have solutions for trucks, buses, specialty vehicles, and agriculture and construction equipment that are proven to perform under the toughest conditions.

  • Long life - Highly abrasion resistant cover
  • Wider range of applications - Small number of hoses for many fuel options
  • Proven reliability - High temperature resistance

Explore our fuel and engine hoses

Danfoss offers a number solutions for the engine and fuel market ranging from the traditional 100R5 hose, to high tech biodiesel applications. Truck and mobile machine engine compartments are taking more heat than ever before, generating conditions that can typically shorten hose life. Danfoss’s engine and fuel hoses are designed to take the heat without failing, due to our specially formulated tubing, like AQP and our durable hose cover materials. In addition, Danfoss tube formulation is constructed to withstand demanding fluids that continue to evolve over time.

Fuel hoses Engine hoses
GH100 biodesel hoses EH225 series silicone hot hoses
Synflex by Danfoss diesel tubing EH226 series silicone hot hoses
FC650 diesel hoses EH227 series silicone hot hoses
FC699 diesel hoses FF90801 series CAC hot hoses
FC234 diesel hoses FF90803 series silicone hot hoses
CNG hoses FF90802 series silicone hot hoses
35FH gasonline hoses FC699 cold engine hoses
  GH100 and GH101 100R5 hoses


Explore hydraulic hose fittings

From crimp and reusable fittings, quick disconnect couplings to steel adapters and more, Danfoss delivers an incredible range of fittings and connectors for virtually any mobile or industrial application to help you make the right connection every time.

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