Danfoss swivel joints

Compact and robust design

With their compact, robust designs, Danfoss swivel joints are ready to perform in virtually any dynamic hydraulic system. Available with a broad range of end configurations, these flexible joints eliminate the need for adapters and tubing in tight spaces and excel where rotation and hose twisting are a problem.

  • Compact design - Easier installation in tight spaces
  • Design flexibility - Wide range of styles, configurations
  • Improved operation - Designed for safety and reliability
Advantages of using Danfoss swivel joints

Advantages of using Danfoss swivel joints

1.  Better system plumbing:

  • Less hose is needed when swivel joints are used, the system is more space efficient.
  • Can eliminate the need for tubing configurations to accommodate 90° and other angles.
  • Can be directly connected to hose lines frequently eliminating the need for adapters. 

2.  Prevent hose twisting and kinking:

  • The swivel action swivel joints prevent hose twisting and kinking.

3.  Less downtime:

  • The problem of hose twisting and kinking is eliminated and hose line replacement becomes significantly less.

4.  Absorb system shock:

  • Swivel joints are not rigid and therefore capable of absorbing some hose shortening when the system is pressurized. 

5.  Cost savings:

  • Less hose, fewer adapters and tubing configurations and less downtime add up to saving money when swivel joints are used.


  • Balanced-pressure design
  • Low-drop dimensions
  • Contamination seals
  • 360º rotation
  • Standard O-ring design 


  • Show no significant increase in torque with introduction of pressure
  • Fit in compact areas
  • Prevent environmental contaminates from entering the swivel joints
  • Prevent hose twisting, thus increasing hose life
  • Allow quick and reliable field repairs

Finding Danfoss' swivel joint number is easy using the cross-reference tool

Just type in the former Weatherhead and Aeroquip part numbers or competitive products to find the new Danfoss-branded part number.

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