Danfoss Flexmaster® tube and pipe joints

Simplify system maintenance

Danfoss Flexmaster tube and pipe joints absorb vibration and are ideal for making quick connections and disconnections when repairing or disassembling a system. Featuring both standard and self-restrained gaskets, our tube and pipe joints simplify system maintenance and repairs with easy connection and disassembly.

  • Benefits - Quick connect and disconnects
  • Decrease downtime - Simplifies maintenance and repairs
  • Improved performance - Absorbs machine vibration

Flexmaster joints

Danfoss Flexmaster products consist of tube/pipe joints for the low pressure applications. They are ideal for producing leak-proof connections between pipe ends. They also provide compensation for misalignment of pipes in installations and can absorb relative movement of pipes. 

Flexmaster joints:

  • Used on plain end tube or pipe
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Even misaligned piping is no problem
  • Easy to Install


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