The perfect fit

Find the perfect fit for any fluid conveyance application with precision-machined adapters from Danfoss. Offered in carbon steel, stainless steel and brass, our adapters meet or exceed industry standards and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to handle nearly any application challenge.

  • Dura-Kote plating - Superior corrosion resistance
  • Design flexibility - Thousands of styles to choose from
  • Higher operating pressures - Above SAE standards

Expand the equation. Achieve operating pressures up to 50% more than SAE.

Discover the additional value of using a Danfoss system of products designed to work together to achieve even higher operating pressures. When Danfoss hoses are combined with Danfoss TTC, Z-Series, or 4S/6S fittings and Danfoss adapters, assemblies can perform up to 50% higher pressures than the SAE rating.

Dura-Kote plating advantage

Danfoss hose fittings now come with Dura-Kote plating, which gives you up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance. Dura-Kote is an innovative plating technology offers more corrosive protection for longer life, lower replacement costs, and improved appearance. This corrosion protection decreases the likelihood of leaking, which means less equipment downtime and greater productivity. Plus, there are no compatibility issues with Dura-Kote plating. The Danfoss hose fittings you rely on today will look, feel, and perform exactly the same.

  • Same form and functional capabilities
  • Same torque values and pressure ratings
  • Same silver appearance
  • Same procedures for assembly

Corrosion spreads- choose your components wisely!

In a 650 hours salt spray test Danfoss' family of components showed no corrosion migration in comparison to an assembly that combined an Danfoss fitting with competitor components. This test illustrates why it is so important to choose Danfoss components for your entire hose assembly.


Finding the Danfoss adapter number is easy using the cross-reference tool

Just type in the former Weatherhead and Aeroquip part numbers or competitive products to find the new Danfoss-branded part number.

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