T70 1 ATEX

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T70 1 ATEX: The transmitter for hazardous areas 

T70 1 ATEX is the classic handheld unit for lifting applications. This is a very well established transmitter and it is specially used in industrial applications, such as the overhead crane. 

Features and benefits

Removable memory card. Quick and easy restoration of service with a spare unit in the event of transmitter or receiver failure. If the transmitter is damaged, the replacement can copy the EEPROM from the receiver. 

The locating of available frequencies or better-quality ones takes place automatically without any user intervention. This makes it more convenient for the user, and allows productivity to be increased as it almost completely cuts the downtime of the equipment and, therefore, of the machine being operated through the remote control device. 

Worldwide compatible multi-band radio. Possibility of full-duplex communication. Easily customizable via EEPROM. 

Possibility of working with multiple transmitters and a single receiver. The first device to link up assumes control of the machine. 

On transmitter start-up, the radio remote equipment will automatically look for a free channel. If another user activates a radio remote device on the same working channel, the transmitter can simply be switched off and on again to find another free channel and allow work to continue

For situations requiring the use of two or more independent cranes moving simultaneously. The master transmitters can choose whether to work simultaneously with several receivers or independently with one of them. 

Possibility of working with a single transmitter and multiple receivers at the same time. 

This technology modifies the power of the radio transmission in order to minimize battery consumption and interference between nearby pieces of equipment, so that longer battery life can be provided and continuity of operations between devices in the same working environment can be achieved, respectively. 


Transmitter T70 1 ATEX
Stop function  Cat. 3 – PLd 
Ingress protection  IP65/NEMA4 
Anti condensation system  Na 
Frequency band  Multiband (400 – 930 MHz) 
Main mechanisms (max. #)  Pushbutton (6) 
Auxiliary mechanisms  Toggle & rotary switches 
Removable EEPROM  External 
Battery model  BT06K-ATEX 
Battery life  8 h 
Operating temperature range  -20C +70C (-4F +158F) 
Weight (with battery) grams  500 
Harness  Hand strap / shoulder strap 
Display  Na 
Cable connection  Na 
Range limiter  Na 
Associated receivers  R70/R70 ATEX Z1/R13 ATEX Z2 


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