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Precise flow regulation for efficient and reliable operation

Our series of electric expansion valves, ETS, offer you efficient and reliable operation, covering any air conditioning system demand. The valves are compatible with controllers from Danfoss as well as other manufacturers.

When matched with the Danfoss superheat controller, and pressure and temperature sensors, the valves are designed for precise liquid injection in evaporators. The valve is fully balanced, providing a bi-flow feature as well as solenoid tight shut-off function in both flow directions. The valve design uses a bipolar motor to provide precise flow regulation.

Features and benefits

A wide range of electric expansion valves for all common refrigerants, a wide range of capacities and pressure ranges

Special valves for CO₂ are available

Most models have built-in sight glass with moisture level indicator

Stepper motors for precise regulation

Precise positioning for optimal control of liquid injection

Internal and external corrosion-resistant design

Low power consumption

Cable and connector assemblies as accessories

Product range


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Brochure Brochure_Electric Expansion Valves overview English Multiple 12 Sep, 2023 1.4 MB .pdf
Data sheet Electric expansion valve type ETS 12.5 - ETS 400 English Multiple 10 Oct, 2019 3.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet Electric expansion valve Type ETS 500P, ETS 800P English Multiple 08 Jun, 2020 1.4 MB .pdf
Installation guide Electric expansion valve, type ETS 250, ETS 400, ETS 500P and ETS 800P Electric regulating valve, type KVS 42 English Multiple 11 Mar, 2021 1.2 MB .pdf
Data sheet Electric operated valves, type ETS and KVS English Multiple 14 Jan, 2016 348.3 KB .pdf
Brochure ETS 6 + EIM 336 Save energy with precise flow control in A/C English Multiple 03 Oct, 2014 535.3 KB .pdf


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