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A range optimized for air conditioning & refrigeration

Danfoss offers a range of pressure transmitters optimized for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The AKS (Adap Kool Sensor) program & DST P110 are fully compatible with all Danfoss controllers and ensures reliable and accurate control for case and rack applications. 

The pressure sensors ensure precise measurements of pressures allowing sage and energy efficient operation of the system controls are approved for all common refrigerants in use. Additionally, enhanced electronics allow for higher degrees of accuracy. In the range you will find pressure sensors optimized for a variety of different application and pressures as well as a variety of electrical connections, some particularly suited for systems with a high degree of pulsation.

Features and benefits

Precise and consistent pressure adjustment measurement

High reliability - hermetically sealed MEMS technology

Energy savings - Atex Zone 2 approved (AKS range)

Long lifetime - high resistance to shock and vibration, >106 pressure cycles


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Product range

  • Product photo of the NSK / XSK pressure transmitters by Danfoss
    NSK/XSK pressure transmitters

    NSK/XSK pressure transmitters for air conditioner and refrigeration systems can be used for high and low pressure protection, electronic expansion valve or fan control, starting and stopping compressors, diagnostic and performance monitoring, and more.

  • DST P110 pressure sensor | Danfoss
    DST P110 pressure sensor

    The DST P110 pressure sensor from Danfoss offers improved reliability, durability and performance for applications in the refrigeration and air conditioning markets.

  • AKS 32R and AKS 2050 pressure transmitters | Danfoss
    AKS 32R and AKS 2050 pressure transmitters

    AKS 32R is a ratiometric pressure transmitter that converts the measured pressure to a linear output signal.

  • AKS 32 and AKS 33 | Danfoss
    AKS 32 and AKS 33 pressure transmitters

    AKS 32 and AKS 33 are pressure transmitters that measure a pressure and convert the measured value to a standard signal.

  • AKS 3000 pressure sensors | Danfoss
    AKS 3000 pressure transmitters

    AKS 3000 is a series of absolute transmitters with high-level signal conditioned current output, developed to meet demands in A/C and refrigeration. AKS 3000 utilizes the proven piezo resistive measuring principle, which has been used for decades in Danfoss pressure transmitters.