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Complete system

Danfoss offers a complete system for monitoring and optimizing any commercial refrigeration solution, such as for instance glass door merchandisers, air dryers, cold rooms, trucks and trailers.

In the wide range of Danfoss electronic controls you will find:

  • Refrigeration temperature controls
  • Compressor and condenser controls
  • Speed control of compressors, condensers and fans
  • Evaporator controls with thermostatic expansion valves
  • Evaporator controls with electronically operated expansion valves programmable controls
  • System management units

Features and benefits

Great reliability proved through millions of installations all over the world

Electronic controls for almost any commercial refrigeration application

One-stop-shopping, all you need from one supplier

The top of a soda can with condensation on it

Brochure about refrigerant controllers

Read the ERC & ETC refrigeration controllers brochure and learn more.

Product range

  • Optyma™ Control

    Designed with new and existing and systems in mind, the AK-RC 251 Optyma™ Control electronic controller eliminates the need for mechanical thermostats in cooling applications and defrost timers in freezer applications.

  • Product photo of the EKC 368 by Danfoss
    EKC 368

    EKC 368 controller is used with an electronically operated valve, type KVS, where there are high requirements to refrigeration of unpacked food products.

  • Product photo of a Danfoss ERC multipurpose temperature control
    ERC - multipurpose temperature controls

    The ERC is a multipurpose refrigeration controller that includes temperature and defrost management. Cutting overall total cost level, it meets the requirements of today's advanced commercial applications.

  • EET – Electronic thermostats - Danfoss
    EET – Electronic thermostats

    The EET electronic thermostats are designed to enhance efficiency and improve reliability of food service equipment.


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Related products

  • Photo of the product family of evaporator and room controls by Danfoss
    Evaporator and room control

    Danfoss offers a range of evaporator controls with thermostatic expansion valves or with electric expansion valves.

  • Product photo of the MCX programmable controller by Danfoss
    Programmable controllers - MCX

    Danfoss’ range of universal MCX programmable controllers offers the functionality and reliability you need to get the best out of your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) equipment.