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The hot solution for cooler climates and extreme conditions

Unique, simple and economical - PSH scroll compressors series
The PSH 19-39 kW range is the simple, compact, energy-efficient and economical solution for R410A commercial heat pumps with system reliability, fewer components and reduced downtime.

From innovation to benefit

The liquid injection solution extends the compressor envelope to extreme operating conditions and reduces the applied cost on the system.
The PSH Operating Control System (OCS) provides full compressor protection and higher system reliability. The OCS reduces downtime and cuts system warranty costs.

Innovative liquid injection offers new possibilities within the heating market.

Extended operating envelope

In comparison to gas or oil furnaces for space heating and Hot Sanitary Water (HSW) production, a heat pump system offers very large energy savings up to 50%. But until now, most heat pumps were limited in operating temperatures.

The unique liquid injection solution extends the compressor envelope to extreme operating conditions and reduces the applied costs on the system. Heat pump and air conditioning manufacturers will be able to use the compressor with very high condensing temperatures and at the same time with low evaporating temperatures.. The liquid injection solution is completely integrated in the compressor and requires only an additional ¼ inch pipe connection for the liquid coming out of the condenser. The compressor is easily integrated in a system and there is no need for any additional components. Thanks to the liquid injection, the Danfoss Scrolls, PSH, will open new markets like commercial heat pumps or air conditioning applications for extreme operating temperatures.

Features and benefits

A dedicated range, optimized for heat pumps operating in cold climates and extreme conditions

Innovative liquid injection technology minimizing applied costs

A high reliability reducing downtime

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Datasheet generator

Use our online datasheet generator to get the exact datasheet for your HHP scroll compressor code numbers. 


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Catalog 2021 Danfoss Scroll Manifolding Portfolio Catalog English Multiple 09 Mar, 2021 3.9 MB .pdf
Installation guide Danfoss commercial compressor Crankcase Heater English; French; Italian Multiple 03 Jan, 2023 471.2 KB .pdf
Application guide Danfoss scroll compressors PSH019 to PSH039 series English Multiple 11 May, 2020 3.3 MB .pdf
Installation guide Discharge thermostat kit German; English; French Multiple 04 Feb, 2016 103.1 KB .pdf
Installation guide Instructions - PSH Compressors PSH019-023-026-030-034-039 Bulgarian; Danish; German; Greek (modern); English; Spanish, Castilian; Estonian; French; Irish; Hungarian; Italian; Latvian; Dutch, Flemish; Polish; Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan; Slovak; Slovenian; Swedish; Chinese (CN) Multiple 15 Feb, 2018 6.2 MB .pdf
Installation guide Instructions Danfoss Solder sleeve adapter sets English Multiple 07 Feb, 2014 335.0 KB .pdf
Installation guide PSH Compressors PSH038-051-064-077 German; English Multiple 15 Apr, 2021 647.4 KB .pdf
Brochure PSH heat pump full range brochure English Multiple 13 Oct, 2014 644.2 KB .pdf
Catalog Spare parts and accessories Danfoss Commercial Compressors for hermetic reciprocating and scroll compressors (AC/HP & REF) English Multiple 18 May, 2023 2.1 MB .pdf


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