DSH with IDV technology

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High efficiency in part-load conditions

Danfoss scroll compressors feature a wide application envelope and suit such varied applications as rooftops, chillers, or process cooling systems, reducing the number of items held in reference and inventory. Danfoss DSH scroll compressors feature intermediate discharge valve (IDV) technology, extending the operating envelope even further for incredible flexibility in system designs.

Danfoss IDVs are located close to the discharge side within DSH compressors. They reduce excessive refrigerant compression under part-load conditions while maintaining the same ideal cooling capacity. IDVs open when discharge pressure falls below the built-in optimization point, adapting the effort of the motor to varying load and pressure conditions in the system. This reduces the system's electrical consumption and improves seasonal energy efficiency.

Features and benefits

Innovative intermediate discharge valve (IDV) increases seasonal efficiency

IDV technology further enhances part-load efficiency with minimal redesign costs

Carbon bearings improve behavior under poor lubrication conditions

Manifold configuration offers high reliability for staged modulations

Improved part isolation reduces greatly noise

Capacity range: 7.5 to 50 TR


  • Flow passage
  • Gas path flow with gas intake
  • Motor-centering spacer
  • Motor cap
  • Optimized housing
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Datasheet generator

Use the Danfoss online datasheet generator for DSH series scroll compressor datasheets tailored to your application.


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Brochure Brochure Compressors for A/C bringing Savings now and for a lifetime Arabic; Bulgarian; Czech; Danish; German; Greek (modern); English; Spanish, Castilian; Estonian; Persian; Finnish; French; Irish; Hebrew (modern); Hindi; Croatian; Hungarian; Indonesian; Icelandic; Italian; Japanese; Kazakh; Korean; Lithuanian; Latvian; Macedonian; Norwegian Bokmål; Dutch, Flemish; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan; Russian; Slovak; Slovenian; Serbian (RS); Swedish; Tamil; Thai; Turkish; Ukrainian; Vietnamese; Chinese (CN) Multiple 25 Jun, 2020 4.0 MB .pdf
Application guide Danfoss scroll compressors DSH 090 to 600 Single and manifold English Multiple 29 Apr, 2020 7.8 MB .pdf
Brochure Danfoss Universal Scroll Compressor cut sheet English Multiple 17 Jul, 2019 995.0 KB .pdf
Brochure DSH cut sheet English Multiple 10 Dec, 2018 1.1 MB .pdf
Installation guide Instructions DSH/ SM / SY / SZ / SH / WSH compressors English Multiple 05 Nov, 2020 1.5 MB .pdf
Installation guide Instructions DSH/ SM / SY / SZ / SH / WSH compressors German; English; Spanish, Castilian; French; Italian; Chinese (CN) Multiple 05 Nov, 2020 10.4 MB .pdf
White paper Lab tests scrolls with IDVs English Multiple 198.0 KB .pdf
Promotion material Poster Danfoss scroll compressors English Multiple 21.5 MB .pdf
Catalog Spare parts and accessories Danfoss Commercial Compressors for hermetic reciprocating and scroll compressors (AC/HP & REF) English Multiple 13 Sep, 2020 1.9 MB .pdf


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