Room temperature control

More comfort, less effort with intelligent temperature control

Depending on the outside temperature and the heating habits of residents, the heating requirements of rooms, apartments and entire buildings are constantly changing. Radiator thermostats and room temperature controller systems compensate for these fluctuations, keeping the temperature in every room at the level individually set by the resident.


Danfoss has developed solutions for room temperature control in all types of residential buildings - single family houses or multi-family buildings, with different heating sources.

How we can help you

Upgrade heating system
Modern temperature control enhances the living comfort of your property, improving your chances of renting or selling it at an attractive price.

Renovate with ease
Defective or missing thermostats can lead to tenants withholding rent. Replacing or installing thermostats is easily done, even when residents are at home.

Use floor heating
Hydronic floor heating is becoming more popular in new buildings.