Condition based monitoring in production lines

Bottling is more competitive when it’s sensorless

Bottling is more competitive when it’s sensorless

See how intelligent drives are used at the Tavina bottling plant. Find out how they increased productivity and energy efficiency on the plant’s two new bottling lines without adding extra sensors.

Condition based monitoring

Enable condition-based monitoring with intelligent drives

See how you can turn the frequency drive you already have into the smartest sensor in your system. A sensor that enables condition-based monitoring (CBM) capabilities, processes data on the edge, and sends data wherever it’s needed.

Explore how intelligent drives solve potentially critical problems in production lines.

Learn about Condition-based maintenance

Want to learn more about Condition-based monitoring?

Participate in this eLesson, Introduction to Condition Based Monitoring, to understand the basic features and functionality of Condition-based monitoring in the VLT® drive