Danfoss and Hago Burner Components

Steel nozzles, brass nozzles, and ignition units bringing you world class precision, quality and performance.

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Danfoss and Hago® is a world leader in manufacturing precision spray nozzles to serve a wide variety of applications, capacities and spray angles. We offer both stainless steel and brass varieties and every single one of our nozzles is efficiency tested for performance.

Danfoss and Hago® Nozzles - bringing you performance, quality and reliability for over 80 years. Discover our new & improved line of nozzles below.

Features and benefits

World class atomization and reliability: 100% of our nozzles are tested to ensure capacity and spray pattern accuracy.

Optimal efficiency: Danfoss recommended yearly service and oil nozzle replacement ensures optimal combustion, high burner efficiency, and reliable operation.

New and improved product offering: Danfoss and Hago source the highest quality materials to bring you only the best.

Precision, quality, & performance: Consistency in producing quality products that perform, for over 80 years.

Our Products