Danfoss introduces updated series of mechanical thermostatic radiator valve operators

Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Danfoss aveo operator mounted on a radiator
Danfoss’ new Aveo™ thermostatic radiator valve operators

Danfoss Climate Solutions is excited to introduce a new product line of thermostatic radiator valve operators

Danfoss Climate Solutions is excited to introduce a new product line of thermostatic radiator valve operators to meet the demands for greater energy efficiency and customer needs, delivering unparalleled energy performance and replacing the RA2000 series of valve mounted thermostatic operators. The new product includes Danfoss’ unique gas filled thermostats, including well-known features from previous thermostat ranges paired with new, innovative functionality.

According to Edwin Hipolito, product manager for hydronic controls at Danfoss Climate Solutions, customer feedback played a vital role in developing these new products. “Our contractors tell us that they need thermostats that are more intuitive and that give customers audible feedback when they are adjusting the temperature. We have kept critical features such as our click-connection, appreciated by contractors everywhere for giving them an easy solution when installing thermostats.”

Designed for accuracy

The regulation precision of a thermostatic radiator valve is determined by its control accuracy (CA) classification. The lower the CA value, the more precise the thermostat maintains the desired room temperature, avoiding overheating and achieving better comfort. Danfoss’ new thermostat range achieves a CA of 0.2K, the highest ranking possible. “We know how important energy savings and efficiency are to our customers and for our planet,” Hipolito commented.

Documented energy savings with gas thermostats

The new Danfoss Aveo™ thermostatic radiator valve operators feature unique gas bellow technology. Research shows that gas thermostats regulate more accurately based on the desired set temperature than liquid thermostats, thereby lowering the amount of energy consumed. This results in up to 2 percent additional energy savings compared to traditional liquid bellows. According to Hipolito, “In multi-family buildings – with a large number of thermostatic radiator valve operators – the savings amount to thousands of dollars per building. Added to that you have the yearly CO2 reduction contributing to the building’s overall energy efficiency. This makes the Aveo™ thermostatic operators an attractive option for apartment buildings and other multi-tenant buildings.”

To help customers adjust room temperature more precisely, the Danfoss Aveo™ also features tactile temperature setting, providing a subtle click feeling for every 1 °F (0.5 °C) change in temperature. “This tactile feedback makes it much easier for our customers to control their energy usage by regulating room temperature more precisely,” said Hipolito.

Tamper- and theft-proof versions benefit installations in commercial buildings

The Aveo™ thermostats help customers save money in other areas as well. “The tamper-proof versions of our two, top-range gas thermostats help prevent vandalism,” Hipolito explained. “They’re very robust and provide extra protection for the thermostats, which is ideal for buildings accessible to the public.” An anti-theft plug-in accessory offers additional protection for the Aveo™ thermostatic operator. This small plug-in makes it harder to remove the thermostat, which can only be done by using a special tool.

The Aveo™ thermostatic radiator valve operators also have built-in temperature limitation options so building managers can limit room occupants from changing the thermostat temperature. “In these times, where many public institutions have lowered the indoor temperature to save money and energy, this feature can help them ensure all thermostats remain at set temperatures. “So now we have all the well-known features and the best control accuracy in an alluring, modern design,” Hipolito affirmed.

Meeting contractor need for quick installation

The new range of thermostatic operators also includes features developed with contractors in mind, as Hipolito pointed out. “We’ve taken our unique click-connection feature contractors know from our previous series and included it in our new operators.” The click-connection enables a fast and tool-free installation.

“We introduced our first thermostatic radiator valves in 1943. Now, 80 years later, we are pleased to introduce this new updated series, developed in cooperation with our customers and ensuring the highest control accuracy standards throughout the line. We look forward to seeing how these thermostatic operators can help improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort in buildings everywhere,” Hipolito concluded.