Industrial refrigeration evaporator control—Now, easier than ever before

Thursday, December 3, 2020

With straightforward installation, intuitive wizard, and built-in design flexibility the Danfoss EKE 400, provide the tools needed to achieve the optimal cooling mode and defrost sequence for efficient, safe, and trouble-free evaporator operation.

We are very pleased to announce the release of the second version of the EKE 400 1.1. Evaporator Controller. The latest version of the EKE 400 comes with new features such as support for DX evaporators with or without hot gas defrost including CO2 and a new cooling mode enabling DX Direct expansion control. Furthermore, the CoolConfig software tool makes setting multiple EKE 400 easier than ever before.

Dedicated controller

The EKE 400 Evaporator Controller is specifically designed for industrial and heavy commercial refrigeration systems. Based on a trusted Distributed Control System (DCS), advanced control algorithms, and wizard for quick set-up and commissioning, the EKE 400 significantly reduces controls installation time and costs as well as providing operational safety and efficiency. Furthermore, the decentralized approach makes standardizing system design easier.

It manages the complete operation in cooling and defrost mode for optimal operation and defrost sequence (ammonia, CO 2, and HFC/ HCFC based systems). It is applicable for defrosting both flooded evaporators and DX evaporators. The EKE 400 supports multiple defrost methods including hot gas defrost pressure control/ liquid drain, electrical defrost, and water/brine defrost.

Easy setup Wizard + CoolConfig Tool

The easy-to-use wizard enables quick setup of key parameters and correct valve selection for the specific applications. The wizard guides the user through the parameter settings and filters out irrelevant parameters based on actual selections and only shows parameters that are relevant based on previous selections. This configuration ensures a correct and reliable operation. The EKE 400 also provides a multi-language menu and settings overview that supports easy commissioning and hand-over documentation.

Cool Config ensures problem-free copying and storing of settings

The CoolConfig Software allows the project engineer to generate the settings for the EKE 400s offline and hand over the file to the commissioning engineer at the appropriate time for the installation of one or multiple EKE 400 controllers.

Distributed control with PLC or standalone

EKE 400 includes both MODBUS communication which allows integration to central third-party equipment like PLC systems as well as a CANBUS to manage internal communication between EKE 400 controllers. With the MODBUS communication established to PLC, users can have read/write access to the most parameters in EKE 400, including set-points, alarm settings, valve opening degree, gas concentration, etc.

EKE 400 controllers can also easily operate without a PLC. Multiple EKE 400 can be interconnected for signal sharing via integrated CANBUS. (defrost coordination, temperature sharing, etc.)

“Our new evaporator controller dedicated for industrial refrigeration and heavy commercial with its straightforward installation, intuitive wizard and built-in design flexibility will provide our customers with the tools to achieve the optimal cooling mode and defrost sequence for efficient, safe, and trouble-free evaporator operation. Combined with our free CoolConfig software we have a strong evaporator control package for our customers, “said EKE 400 Product Manager Kurt M. Sand.

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