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The HVACR industry, and the entire built environment, is in the midst of rapid change and faces an evolving set of challenges and demands — and the effect on both technology and business is profound. From refrigerant and efficiency regulations and standards to the impacts of climate change and trends like digitalization and electrification, it’s not always easy to keep up and stay ahead.

Join our host John Sheff, Danfoss’ director of public and industry affairs in North America, in this podcast series, which addresses this changing landscape through informative, valuable dialogue with thought leaders and experts-in-their-fields.


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Episode 13 - Local Laws and Building Retrofit Market

John Mandyck and Envisioneering Exchange host John Sheff discuss New York Local Law 97 (NYLL97), which requires building owners to take responsibility for their building's carbon emissions and penalizes them for exceeding a set limit.

Recorded: October, 2020

Episode 12 - Building and energy efficiency

John speaks with Clay Nesler about building energy efficiency, especially how it ties to economic recovery and resilience in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Their discussion includes some of the various efficiency standards throughout the world and different approaches to retrofitting existing buildings.

Recorded: September, 2020

Episode 11 - Electric vehicles

Ian Stonington, Marketing Manager at Danfoss Editron, dives deep into the nuts and bolts of electric vehicles, focusing on two major options in electric drive systems: traditional battery-power and hydrogen fuel cells.

Ian touches on other topics, like the various benefits of driving electric vehicles as well as the global regulations and policies that push for vehicle electrification.

Recorded: August, 2020

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Episode 10 - The gold standard in hydronic systems

Jae Chon returns for Episode 10 of the EnVisioneering Exchange podcast! The Director of Strategic Markets for Chesapeake Systems is back to continue the discussion about hydronic loop - specifically, one system in Towson, Maryland. Jae details the adjustments made to the improperly balanced system at the Towson Courthouse to transform it into the "gold standard" of synchronized hydronic loop.

Recorded: August, 2020

Meet your host - John Sheff

John Sheff is currently Director of Public & Industry Affairs at Danfoss where he covers a range of issues, including refrigerants, energy efficiency, electric vehicles and urban development. Previously, he worked on energy, climate and sustainability policy in the office of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley before earning his MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2014. John lives in Baltimore with his wife, Zoey, and their son, Sam.

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