3-year warranty


Danfoss continues to make strides in our ongoing goal to lead the market. For years, we have built our reputation by offering unrivaled product quality and innovation. Building on that history of quality, we are proud to announce that we are extending our standard warranty on air conditioning s-series scroll compressors to three (3) years from the date of installation for product invoiced on or after January 1, 2017.

Qualifying Products:

Danfoss S-series scroll compressors 


Components or controls not listed above
Service or replacement parts sold by any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) distribution outlet
Any components sold by Danfoss to an OEM
Any components sold by Danfoss to a distributor for an application other than service, i.e. product sold by the distributor to an OEM

Moving forward, this extended warranty permits distributors to recommend and sell our products with both the knowledge that they are selling the best possible air conditioning compressor products and the assurance that Danfoss will stand by those products in the unlikely event of a defect in design, materials or workmanship. This extended warranty only applies to qualifying products sold in the USA and Canada. All other aspects of our warranty shall remain the same as articulated in our standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (effective August 1, 2009). Danfoss reserves the right to discontinue the extended warranty at any time.

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